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Welcome to L2Eve!

Embark on a nostalgic journey back to 2004, where L2Eve awaits with a vibrant and active community. Immerse yourself in the world of L2Eve, a fresh server brimming with excitement. Choose the interlude classic gameplay experience and explore modernity with our enhanced Classic Client.

A New Era of Interlude Awaits You!

Join us at L2Eve, the ultimate destination for Lineage 2 Interlude enthusiasts seeking a fresh and unparalleled gaming experience. Get ready to immerse yourself in a server like no other, where we prioritize fairness, stability, and a vibrant community. Here's what makes L2Eve stand out:

No Premium Account! No Pay to win!

We believe that every player should have equal access to all game features. That's why there are no premium accounts or vote runes. Everyone can enjoy the game to its fullest without any paywalls.

Achieve greatness through dedication and skill, not money. L2Eve offers a server where hard work and perseverance are valued, eliminating pay-to-win mechanics. Experience a fair and balanced gaming environment where success is earned, not bought.

No Dualbox

Experience true balance in L2Eve, where skill and choices shape your destiny. Farewell unfair advantages, welcome a level playing field that rewards strategy and teamwork.

Unique experience without boxes, back to the roots.

No Bots! No Cheaters!

We're committed to providing an authentic gaming experience free from the interference of bots. Our dedicated team works tirelessly to keep the server bot-free, ensuring fair competition and an engaging gameplay environment.

We have a powerful anti-cheat system that we continuously improve to keep bots at bay.

We have no mercy with people that breaks our rules. Fair play!

Experience the magic of Lineage 2 at L2Eve

Immerse yourself in a world where nostalgia meets innovation. Watch our captivating intro video and witness the breathtaking beauty of L2Eve in action. Prepare to embark on an unforgettable journey filled with epic battles, treacherous dungeons, and a vibrant community of fellow adventurers. Join us and rediscover the thrill of Lineage 2 like never before. The adventure awaits!


  • Experience: 1x
  • Skill Points: 1x
  • Adena Drop: 1x
  • Item Drop: 1x
  • Seal Stones Drop: 1x
  • Spoil Rate: 1x
  • Raid/Epic Boss Experience: 1x
  • Raid/Epic Boss Skill Points: 1x
  • Raid/Epic Boss Drop: 1x
  • Quest Reward Experience: 1x
  • Quest Reward SP: 1x
  • Quest Reward Items/Adena: 1x
  • Quest Item Drop Rate: 1x
  • Custom Features

  • Guide Window provides all important information about Lineage II and L2Eve
  • Soul Crystal Window shows which monsters you need to hunt and which Soul Crystal you need for your weapon
  • Item Search window allows you to find every possible source of getting item that you are interested in
  • Offline Private Store Sales
  • No premium or vote boosting runes, all rates are static and unshakable.
  • Shadow weapons and D/C coupons are disabled
  • Ranking Window
  • Automatic Crystallization Sales
  • Exit Game Statistics
  • No Dual Box
  • No Auto Pick Up
  • Alliance buffs are affecting pets & summons
  • Seal Stones drops are evenly split between party members
  • Scrolls acquired from Dimensional Diamonds cannot be sold
  • Sieges every 2 weeks.
  • Raids Respawn Duration:

  • Common raids: 18h +9h random
  • Cabrio, Kernon, Golkonda, Hallate: 18h +9h random
  • Flame of Splendor Barakiel: 18h +9h random
  • Anakim/Lilith: 18h +9h random
  • Queen Ant: 24h +4h random
  • Orfen: 36h +4h random
  • Core: 36h +4h random
  • Zaken: 48h +4h random
  • Baium: 124h +4h random
  • Frintezza: 48h +4h random
  • Antharas: 196h +4h random
  • Valakas: 268h +4h random
  • Skills:

  • Skills learned by Skills Panel
  • Spell Books are required for Skill Learning
  • Retail amount of Buff Slots
  • Retail Buff Duration
  • Skills can be enchanted by Skills Panel
  • Modern Game Client:

  • Modern look of the game
  • Improved performance
  • No Critical Errors
  • Tons of new Game Settings and Interface Windows
  • Damage on the Screen
  • Healths Bars
  • Mail
  • Radar
  • Cloaks
  • Party Tokens
  • Skill Learning Panel
  • New Skills Enchanting
  • Items on Chat
  • Npc Debuff Info
  • Improved Clan Notice Editing
  • Quick Status Actions
  • Exp Bar and redesigned Main Menu
  • Friend Manager
  • Quest Areas on the Map
  • Redesigned Character Creation
  • Clan Ranking
  • Redesigned Past Olympiad Ranking
  • Colorful System Messages
  • No Adena Limit
  • You can choose between New Herb Style, Retail Herb Style & no Herbs at all